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A reminder that guild will be participating in the Whingblinger Harvest Festival at the Benjamin Patterson Inn  on Pulteney street in Corning, NY.  Gates open at 10am… Guild members need to be in place before that. 


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Shown are photos taken at the George Washington Birthday event at the Benjamin Patterson Inn in Corning on February 23rd.  Two guild members participated in this event.

Sue is shown taking a break from Hearth Cooking and using a drop spindle.    

Sue at BPInn feb 24 08

Rosie (right) spinning on her wheel…

Rosie spinning BpInn feb 23 08

There was a very interesting crocheted lace exhibit, more info to follow about the exhibit.

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The next meeting is on March 1st, 2008 – 1-4pm.

March’s meeting will be our ‘Detash’ meeting.  Members will be bringing items they are tired of having stashed away somewhere and will never get around to using.  These items can be anything fiber, fabric or craft related and items can be swapped, sold, donated to the guild library/inventory for guild use, or items to give away.    

We will also have a short ‘business meeting’ and several members will share info about some projects or demos from February.   Needle felting supplies will be on hand for those who miss the last meeting due to the snow/ice storm or for those who want to try something a little more advanced.

Please Note: The location will be different than the previous meeting.  The new meeting place is just a few minutes drive from the the previous meeting place and I’ll be posting new directions on the Meeting page  so that everyone can find us.   We really like where we have been meeting but we are adding new members at every meeting and feeling a little cramped in the room we have…  the new meeting space is much larger. 

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Members braved one of the coldest days so far to come to the guild meeting on Saturday, carrying projects to work on, goodies to share and packages for the gift exchange.    We snacked as we welcomed 3 new members and discussed guild business.   This guild really has a sweet tooth but one of the guild members makes cheese, delicious!  

We exchanged mostly hand made gifts, everyone seemed very happy with their gifts. 

A dvd on wet felting on wet felting projects was shown in anticipation of working on a guild banner in spring. 

There were projects for show and tell, including Dan’s plant dyed fibers in beautiful colors,  patterns and spinning techniques to share.   Dan had raw wool to give away and will be bringing some more to future meetings.  We may use some of that for our banner and use it as a teaching project.

Several members have agreed to do some workshops at future meetings. One that is planned so far is a needle felting project suitable for spring..Easter eggs? bunnies? flowers? 

But, before all of that we will have our Rock or Distaff day event  in January!  Guild members will have fiber, yarn and more to sell and each will bring a dish to share.   More info will be posted in a couple of weeks.   

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The meeting went really well.  The building has lots of parking and a door that goes from the parking lot right to our meeting room.  There was coffee and hot chocolate waiting in the kitchen for us and plenty of space for chairs. 

Sue Baker (Baker isn’t really her last name, it is just what we call her cause… well she loves to bake!) brought some homemade Lemon Verbena bread for everyone.. yum!

We took care of guild business quickly and then had plenty of time for introductions, to compare projects and spinning or knitting techniques.  Patty brought along her drum carder and several people worked with it. 

14 people joined the guild and more will be joining at the December meeting.  At that meeting we will have an ornament/decoration swap.  Anyone that wants to participate can  bring a wrapped item to add to the basket.   Oh and feel free to bring some cookies or other festive goodies.

Upcoming events page will be updated  with this and plans for January and future meetings.

A vendor page will be added for guild members that have business and would like a link to their business on this blog.

Info about joining will also be added…  I’m working on it!  

Thanks to everyone who made the November guild meeting lots of fun….

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