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Reminder for guild members:

The business meeting will be held early due to the workshop timing (I think it was stated to be at 11am)….If you are not participating in the workshop – you should still plan on going to guildJ!

Workshop 12pm to 4pm

Cost $10.00

Bring: Scissors, towel and Picture (optional – Sandi will also have pictures)

Here is a description of the workshop listed below if you would like to review it again!


What you will be learning

This will be a felt making workshop. You will learn both wet and dry felting techniques in order to achieve the above ( see fiber picture attached)!


Sandi does charge a materials fee. This will cover the use of her drum carder for individuals to make their own batts for their artwork. She will also bring batts as well as all the colored wool for the project, felting needles and foam rubber pieces for the needle felting. She always brings extra of everything just in case a needle breaks, etc. All the material supplies will be almost unlimited.


To cover these materials, this fee will be $10.00 per person.

Be Prepared

The only thing you are requested to bring is a couple of old towels and scissors.


Bring a favorite magazine picture or photo you may want to reproduce. Sandi brings many photos, so if you are not sure, there will be photos available from Sandi to work from.


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