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Shown are photos taken at the George Washington Birthday event at the Benjamin Patterson Inn in Corning on February 23rd.  Two guild members participated in this event.

Sue is shown taking a break from Hearth Cooking and using a drop spindle.    

Sue at BPInn feb 24 08

Rosie (right) spinning on her wheel…

Rosie spinning BpInn feb 23 08

There was a very interesting crocheted lace exhibit, more info to follow about the exhibit.


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The next meeting is on March 1st, 2008 – 1-4pm.

March’s meeting will be our ‘Detash’ meeting.  Members will be bringing items they are tired of having stashed away somewhere and will never get around to using.  These items can be anything fiber, fabric or craft related and items can be swapped, sold, donated to the guild library/inventory for guild use, or items to give away.    

We will also have a short ‘business meeting’ and several members will share info about some projects or demos from February.   Needle felting supplies will be on hand for those who miss the last meeting due to the snow/ice storm or for those who want to try something a little more advanced.

Please Note: The location will be different than the previous meeting.  The new meeting place is just a few minutes drive from the the previous meeting place and I’ll be posting new directions on the Meeting page  so that everyone can find us.   We really like where we have been meeting but we are adding new members at every meeting and feeling a little cramped in the room we have…  the new meeting space is much larger. 

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Icy roads and sidewalks, remnants of Thursday’s storm, prevented some members from attending the meeting.  Still, we had 5 new people join.

A few of the members had participated in the boy scouts demo in the morning, we waited for them to arrive before starting the business part of the meeting.  Here is a photo from the demo at the mall… more will be in the newsletter and /or at the next meeting. 

boy scouts demo 2 08 

Members had a lot to share for the show and tell part of the meeting.

The ‘library’ is up and running, some interesting things already donated and ready to be checked out. 

The needle felting workshop was a fun activity.  Those that participated quickly learned a few techniques and were soon working on their own creations.   The participants started out with a simple project, an egg so they would learn the best way to roll the fiber tightly to avoid excess jabs with the needles.  From there they went on to small critters and then on to their own ideas.   Below is a photo of the eggs and first critters…  members are asked to bring any other creations to the next meeting so they can share what they learned and we can take photos. 

First needle felted projects 

Several members had expressed a desire to participate in the workshop and were unable to come due to the weather.  Needle felting supplies will be at the March meeting and needle felting help will be available for those that missed the workshop or those that want some help with working on more complicated pieces. 

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The guild will be meeting this Saturday, February 2nd, 1-4pm. 

Along with a brief business meeting, we will have the usual show and tell, reports from several members that have participated in demos, retreats and other events.  We will also have a needle felting workshop for those who want to try their hand at working with felting needles.  Members need to bring felting needles and foam surface to work on.  Some foam will be available if you don’t have any, wool will also be provided.  Those that don’t have felting needles can purchase some at the guild meeting.

Directions to get to the meeting can be found on the Meetings page.

Note:  Some of the guild members will be at the Arnot Mall from 10am-12:30 on Saturday morning before the meeting.   They will be set up at Booth 48 by Champs Sporting Goods.   Feel free to stop by to help or support the guild members in this community event.  

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