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On Sept 15th & 16th, several guild members went to the FingerLakes Fiber Arts Festival, held in Hemlock NY.   

A couple of guild members had entered items in the skein and garment competitions.  We were delighted to see that our 11 year old spinner, Rosie, had earned 3 special ribbons for her first skeins along with some cash.  Needless to say she was thrilled with how well she did.  Rose has been spinning for only a few months and doing very well. Not only is she a spinner, she is also a fiddler. She pulled out her fiddle each day and entertained everyone.  She earned enough money to pay off her spinning wheel. Vendors were delighted with her, they were generous with samples and congratulations, always happy to encourage a young spinner and musician. 

Rosie at Fingerlakes Festival

Eve entered a few things also.  She earned a ribbon for each item entered ranging from first to fourth place.   Hopefully more guild members will enter things in next year’s competition.

Eve’s ribbons

There was a lot to buy and even more to see, something for everyone.   Vendors were very friendly as always, helpful with tips or ideas for using their products.  The weather is the only thing that wasn’t perfect, a bit cool and damp on Saturday, but sunny and warmer on Sunday. 

At the end of the day, several members sat down to sit and spin together and to work on the big sock.  You can read about this on The Big Sock Blog: http://big-sock.blogspot.com/ 

worlds largest sock

If anyone has more news or photos of the festival for this blog or newsletter, please leave a comment and we’ll contact you for the info.


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No photos to share of the Endless Mountain Fiber Festival on Sept 8th & 9th.  It was a nice festival, not too large, but large enough to find a variety of yarns, fibers and other items.  Info and photos about the festival can be seen at http://www.pafiberfestival.com/

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Whingblinger Event…

The Benjamin Patterson Inn  in Corning, NY, held its Whingblinger Heritage Festival on September 8th & 9th.  

A friend and guild member, Sue, often volunteers to do the open hearth cooking for these types of events at the museum, but this year she agreed to demonstrate flax spinning.  Funny thing was, she’d never spun flax.  But, she managed quite well and has a nice sample skein to show for her efforts.  

There was a lot more to see besides spinning different fibers.  Visitors enjoyed watching and participating in corn shucking and corn crackling, sewing, quizzes in the school room and much more.  There were special events just for kids and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  A few contacts were made for the guild, all in all a great day.   

Photos coming… 

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Tioga PA Fair

Post will be updated soon…

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Our group of spinners were asked if we would do a spinning demo at the Big Flats Museum.  Several of us took the wheels we use daily and I also took my Great Wheel. Because of the size of the Great Wheel, also known as a Walking Wheel, it had to be taken in the back of a pick up, not fitting into most cars. 

We were set up in the front room where visitors would be sure not to miss us. There was a lot of interest in what we were doing, lots of questions asked.  An 11 year old spinner in our group got the most attention and happily answered all the questions she could, allowing us to work at actually spinning and showing samples.  We have found that sometimes people are a little unsure about asking the adults a lot of questions, but they don’t think twice about asking the younger spinners questions, are immediately drawn to them. 

Some photos of the spinners at the museum…

Big Flats Historical Museum Open House… open-house-07-5-3.jpg

While this building the museum is housed in seems like nothing more than a community center, it is pretty amazing to see all that is inside.   This is located in Big Flats NY, Chemung County, between Corning and Elmira NY.

big flats museum museumdemo-070624-17.jpg

museumdemo-070624-14.jpg museumdemo-070624-13.jpg

museumdemo-070624-9.jpg museumdemo-070624-12.jpg

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Welcome to Chemung Valley Handspinners & Fiber Arts  website.  Here we will be posting current and upcoming events, newsletters, places of interest, links to members websites and more.   Much more info will be added soon!    

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