On the 29th of September guild members demonstrated a variety of fiber arts at the Benjamin Patterson Inn Fall Festival. This is a yearly event for the guild and one everyone enjoys very much. Members brought spinning wheels, weaving equipment, fibers and more. Festival goers were able to see the process of turning natural fibers into yarn, clothing, rugs, tapestries and more. A great time was had by all.

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As usual, we are on our Summer schedule, which means we may not have regular meetings due to our participation in local events and to enjoy our yearly guild picnic. We will do our best to keep the ‘upcoming’ events up to date as changes are made.

Some photos from several workshops and demos.

On March 25th, the guild participated in the Maker Faire at the Arnot Mall. Guild members demonstrated the ‘fleece to shawl’ process. The display started with a raw fleece, continued with washed fiber, processing equipment and demo, then continued with spinning, knitting, weaving, lace making. On display were a variety of finished objects. We had a lot of people stop by to watch and to ask questions. We are hoping this event will be repeated as we feel it was a huge success!

As part of our 9th Anniversary celebration, guild members enjoyed a luncheon, a fashion show, browsing through vendor items..

Our next meeting will be December 3rd, 11 – 4. Bring your own lunch and a holiday treat to share. Member wishing to participate in a gift exchange are asked to bring a small wrapped item.

Weaving Day …

Members brought some of their small looms to our February guild meeting so that other members could explore a variety of ways to weave using looms.

One of the members also had her new loom delivered and warped during the guild meeting so that other members could see how it was done. Thank you Carol for letting us learn along with you. Carol can be seen weaving her rug in one of the photos.

Next month, March, is Destash day at guild. Members will bring items to swap, sell, or donate. We will also practice what we will be teaching during our workshop at the library in March.

The cutest ‘show and tell’ item was this sweep puppy who wore a sweater to match ‘mom’s’!

Check the Upcoming Events page for updates on event details.

We are looking forward to our first regular meeting after a few months of summer events such as a guild picnic,  community demos and more.

We will meet on Saturday October 3rd at 11am as usual.   However,  the large room we normally use will be in use by the church.      The choir room is available for us and although smaller we would rather make some adjustments than try to change the meeting date.    This room is smaller and there isn’t room for additional items such as spinning wheels.    Bring your on-going projects and any projects or news for sharing with others.

Since we won’t have use of the kitchen,  we will not be providing drinks nor a way to heat or serve food.  A bag lunch is recommended.

In celebration of ‘Women In The Arts’ month during March each year, guild members contribute items to fill a couple of the display cases at the Steele Memorial Library. This year our focus was ‘Lace’. We displayed a variety of lace forms including lace made with thin wire.

Along with the month long display, we also hold a workshop. This year participants learned how to use roving and cloth in the projects in place of yarn.